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Rodborough's Curriculum


We are currently in the process of evaluating and re-designing our curriculum, ready for implementing in September 2020.


At Rodborough we are passionate about putting children at the heart of everything we do and so our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure clear progression of knowledge and skills in every subject, in all year groups.  Subject leaders, overseen by curriculum leaders, have been instrumental in developing our curriculum and planning thematic, progressive steps, which cater for the needs of all of our pupils.  There is a clear topics grid, ensuring that each core and foundation subject is the 'hook' to tie learning together, across KS2.  there are also terms which we have not planned the 'hook' as they are chosen by the pupils and are dependent upon each individual cohorts' interests and needs.


We are extremely proud of the extra experiences we give all of our pupils here at Rodborough, to enhance our curriculum.  Please ask to see our wider experiences book, when you next visit school.


We are reviewing our method of assessing all areas of the curriculum and evidencing what our children understand in their learning and how they have learned it.


Here are some quotes from our January 2020 challenge Partners QAR( Quality Assurance Review) Report, relating to our curriculum.  Please see the link above to read the whole report.


"The school's aim is to make learning fun and engaging and to link their curriculum to the real world."

"The curriculum is thematic, broad and balanced and influenced by pupils' preferences."

"Rodborough has a rich curriculum."

"Trips and visitors....enhance pupils' experiences very well."

"The school offers a broad and well-balanced curriculum."

"Rodborough is a UNICEF Rights Respecting school and places the rights of the child and the pupil voice at the heart of its work."


Underpinning all aspects of our curriculum are:


(i)  Our Rodborough Learning Powers (designed by children) aimed at ensuring all our children become life-long learners through:




(ii)  Our Rodborough Values, directly linked to the 'British Values' which ensure that as a school community:


We value and respect uniqueness, listening to the views of individuals and promote respect for all cultures

We value the spiritual and moral development of each individual, as well as their intellectual and physical growth.

We value the importance of each individual in our community and the wider world, planning our curriculum to promote inclusion, co-operation and understanding among everyone in our community

We provide equal opportunities for all individuals, striving to meet their needs and ensuring each person can be successful

We value the environment.  Through our curriculum we aim to involve everyone in our school community looking at ways we can take care of our world, not only for ourselves but for future generations.


The Children in our school have designed their own celebration stickers for when they display these values and wording which can be accessed and explored at greater depth in an age appropriate way.




So what are our key aims at Rodborough School?


We want our curriculum to enable all the children to become:


Enthusiastic and successful learners who make great progress and achieve or exceed their potential

Positive, confident individuals who know how to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Responsible, respectful citizens who can work and co-operate with others and make a positive contribution to society