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Welcome to the FORS (Friends of Rodborough School) section.

FORS is a registered charity which has two key objectives:

To organise social events for both the school community and the wider community

 To raise money to be reinvested at the school, buying items the school would otherwise be without.


Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and our loyal supporters, FORS organised some fantastic fundraising and have contributed to many new facilities for school.  FORS Funds have been donated to the school Environmental Day and currently raising funds for a new trim trail for the playground for the children to enjoy.


All parents of Rodborough pupils are automatically considered FORS members and we welcome parental participation, whether it is a little time to help with our events or just attending them.

We are always on the look-out for new active members!  Members of FORS can be contacted via the school office or on Facebook – search for friends of Rodborough school!


Events for 2019-20

20th September - Year 6 Cake Sale

18th October - Y5 Cake Sale

19th October - Quiz Night

23rd November - Christmas Fayre

29th November - Wreath Making

6th December - Y4 Cake Sale

5th December - Christmas Movie

24th January - Disco

31st January - Y3 Cake Sale

6th Feb - Harry Potter Night (TBC)

14th February - Where what you love day

6th March - Y2 Cake Sale

28th/29th March - Easter Egg Hunt

1st May - Y1 Cake Sale

15th May - Plant Party

12th June - Reception Cake Sale